Exploring Newquay

So sorry for being MIA. March was a month of back to back assignments and finding a time to write where it wasn't going to be graded just didn't come up. This entry is more of a what I've been up to rather than an informative or a new location, product or item (they'll be back soon I promise) so let us crack on (I've also explored Newqay zoo and Towan beach mid Feb. if you'd like to see/hear about that adventure let me know with a comment below!).

The major highlight to living where I now live is living by the beach. Now another thing that triumphs that is...working on the beach.
A couple of weekends ago I had the pleasure of working for a sporting event based on a beautiful beach in Newquay being surrounded by sand, sea and sun (for 1/2 of the days). Working by the beach is my ultimate dream, with many knowing that my dream is for the beach to literally be my office. (Also noted if you go to the beach and don't have a candid picture staring out to sea, did…

I wouldn't call it homesickness but...

So this week I had no set clue about what I was going to blog about. I had been out on adventures and I knew I had elements I could talk about but my phone decided to completely hate me these last couple of weeks and glitch every 5 SECONDS. So transferring pictures seemed to be so much more hassle than it should've been, so therefore that's going to have to be postponed mostly because the rain also hindered our latest trip BUT new location and new adventure on Friday so you'll be seeing that soon. But don't be sad because I did have this gem of my outfit for the 90's party transferred onto my laptop already. I really LOVE this outfit, I felt the need to channel the Fresh Prince of Bel Air esque vibe and I felt so cool and cute, the 90's vibe has filtered into my wardrobe lately so look out for that post coming soon my friends.

So since therefore all my adventure pictures aren't available a blog from the heart is what you guys get. As well as a totally proud…

Falifornia Adventures #1

So, I've been officially back in Fal for a week now and it's been a complete week of adventures, literally so much has happened this week that has helped me realise what a beautiful part of the country I'm living in and I'd be a full on fool not to embrace and grab hold of every experience whilst I'm here. So whilst this week I haven't been in uni I'd thought I'd document my adventures. 
First things first about a week ago now I got my hands on...HAMILTON TICKETS. Now in case you have no clue as to why the need for the capitals or the excitement on my part, Hamilton is the multi-award winning Broadway musical about the life and death of Americas first treasury secretary Alexander Hamilton and also my favourite thing ever...and I cannot even explain how happy I am to get my hands on these, it's a year away but I'm already counting down the days 'to the revolution'. If you haven't checked it out I give major advice to do so!

So along w…

New Year, same me.

Happy New Year my fellow bloggers (is it correct to say this when we're already 11 days in? oh well we're gonna roll with it). Now this is the pivotal part of the year where everyone starts to make that long list of dreaded resolutions (which last around a month for me and that when I try really, really hard) those who keep them going all year, I salute you. You have a lot more willpower than I do.

Now me, being me, I rarely manage to keep up with what I plan. I think the longest I ever lasted was 'til June and that was for prom so a necessity for the average teen. This year I was leading up to the New Year attempting to think of things I wanted to achieve, yet I couldn't come up with anything I could see myself sticking to in a way that was different to previous ones that didn't stick. So instead of resolutions I've decided to make promises to myself. The promises, I see more as general goals for myself and this way there isn't the defeated feeling if…

Attempting to avoid the Freshers Flu

Now many like me, before uni thought this so called dreaded flu is a myth…let me tell you we're wrong. Freshers flu strikes and it's bloody lethal, so the best way to combat it…head on.
Now lets just put it out there, if your uni is like mine, you're still having fresher events even with you're first week of your course, this leaves you DRAINED. Thus weakening you and tiring you out, not to mention the alcohol levels you intake in the very first week, everyone thinks they're invincible after shots, don't even try to lie to me…I know! And with lack of sleep due to everyone always being loud, this leaves you worse for wear. I'm already suffering from the start of a cold that I really don't want to become full-blown.
But like with many things there are ways around said 'freshers flu', and also mandatory things you just should do when starting uni and have to consider your health.
- Register with your local doctors surgery, in the first few months i…

Surviving my first week.

So today marks the first week of living on my own. And whilst a week doesn't seem all that long in the grand scheme of things, in an environment where you're somewhere new, with new people, new experiences and independence to sorting yourself out that feels like about a month. Which explains my constant tiredness (though that could be blamed of the beautifully challenging hills and terrain in which my campus and accommodation loves to throw at me).
The first week is no doubt the hardest, I will be the first to say I didn't think I would be someone who suffered from homesickness, yet 2nd day in it hit me. Now theres no easy way to get over it, and it's definitely not something to be ashamed of. Uni is a challenging and new experience for anyone, and if you had the balls to move far away from home then good for you! You're setting new challenges in your life and thats what it's all about. So whilst experiencing this I learnt little kicks and trips to numbing it:


New Adventures

As many are aware, and as many partake in, September is the start of a new academic year. And as every time I up and leave this blog, I come back months later screaming that it will be a new start and therefore new posts… So rightly many (including me) would be assuming nothing has changed, I mean what's different now from the what feels like hundreds of other times sporadic posts have popped up under this very name. Well I'll tell you whats changed…me. As the title suggests, I have very well started a new independent chapter of my life. And as the first line suggests, it's very much taken place at a university.
Ever since I was little I have been a complete beach baby, (that includes family holidays where a certain curly haired tot ran away from their mother and was later found toe dipping in the sea). Which is why it came as no shock to anyone that all my university options had a shore line and famous beaches in a walking distance. But uprooting my life from Birmingham t…