Falifornia Adventures #1

The Lizard, MW 2017
So, I've been officially back in Fal for a week now and it's been a complete week of adventures, literally so much has happened this week that has helped me realise what a beautiful part of the country I'm living in and I'd be a full on fool not to embrace and grab hold of every experience whilst I'm here. So whilst this week I haven't been in uni I'd thought I'd document my adventures. 

First things first about a week ago now I got my hands on...HAMILTON TICKETS. Now in case you have no clue as to why the need for the capitals or the excitement on my part, Hamilton is the multi-award winning Broadway musical about the life and death of Americas first treasury secretary Alexander Hamilton and also my favourite thing ever...and I cannot even explain how happy I am to get my hands on these, it's a year away but I'm already counting down the days 'to the revolution'. If you haven't checked it out I give major advice to do so!

So along with this, this week marked the first time I entered the lovely cornish sea... after a ten minute period of wiggling into my wetsuit after the christmas food period. An experience entirely to itself...I am so hooked already and can't wait to get myself back down to the beach and dive in again. This beach in particular is normally flat, perfect for paddle boarding, but that day the waves were rocking, making the 5 year old in me come out to jump them. That's the beauty of living literally 15 minutes from the beach and the most beautiful experience of sunsets ever...bar Ibiza but that's in a league of it's own. Anyone that knows me knows I'm such a beach bum, so anytime there I truly love and enjoy. Also to the lady who swims in the sea everyday in just her swimming costume you are my HERO.

Now whilst sea swimming was also a highlight this day also signified something huge for next year...WE GOT A HOUSE! So as most uni students know, finding the perfect house for your group can be an utter nightmare. That being said after minor moment, we finally secured our DREAM house and I couldn't be happier.

Now the final element of my week I want to talk about and as you can see from the title it's going to be an ongoing segment. So with the way my uni timetable falls I get Fridays off...very efficient when Thursday is student night! But me and a couple of friends want to optimise the opportunities of living in Cornwall and seeing some of the most gorgeous parts of the country. This week we trekked over to the Lizard, which is a National Trust sight with THE MOST perfect views of the sea and little coves. We seemed to go at the perfect time for picturesque sun-setting pictures which made me feel oh-so very Poldark-esque. All in all I've had such a great new start to the new year in my second home and I can't wait for this weeks adventure...
Lots of Love,
Molly X

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