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Falifornia Adventures #1

So, I've been officially back in Fal for a week now and it's been a complete week of adventures, literally so much has happened this week that has helped me realise what a beautiful part of the country I'm living in and I'd be a full on fool not to embrace and grab hold of every experience whilst I'm here. So whilst this week I haven't been in uni I'd thought I'd document my adventures. 
First things first about a week ago now I got my hands on...HAMILTON TICKETS. Now in case you have no clue as to why the need for the capitals or the excitement on my part, Hamilton is the multi-award winning Broadway musical about the life and death of Americas first treasury secretary Alexander Hamilton and also my favourite thing ever...and I cannot even explain how happy I am to get my hands on these, it's a year away but I'm already counting down the days 'to the revolution'. If you haven't checked it out I give major advice to do so!

So along w…

New Year, same me.

Happy New Year my fellow bloggers (is it correct to say this when we're already 11 days in? oh well we're gonna roll with it). Now this is the pivotal part of the year where everyone starts to make that long list of dreaded resolutions (which last around a month for me and that when I try really, really hard) those who keep them going all year, I salute you. You have a lot more willpower than I do.

Now me, being me, I rarely manage to keep up with what I plan. I think the longest I ever lasted was 'til June and that was for prom so a necessity for the average teen. This year I was leading up to the New Year attempting to think of things I wanted to achieve, yet I couldn't come up with anything I could see myself sticking to in a way that was different to previous ones that didn't stick. So instead of resolutions I've decided to make promises to myself. The promises, I see more as general goals for myself and this way there isn't the defeated feeling if…