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You CAN do this!

Hey lovelies! In today's society teenagers are faced with a lot more than they're credited for. These years are potentially the hardest you'll ever go through, whether your 13 or even 19, whose to ever say when you'll feel the hardships that teens all over the world go through. First off qualifications are HARD. Whether that be GCSE's, A-levels, SATs, college degrees or whatever else your putting your time and energy's difficult. Why is it now that we have to decide what we want to be? Why is it a 90 minute exam that determines our future? Why are the teenagers dragged down when in a few years we'll be the ones in charge? Rant aside, we have enormous pressure throughout these years without the added other pressures, the major being self-esteem. These are the years body image have a major part to play in how you act and present yourself. The following statements are taken from www.DoSomething.Org. Did you know that:

38% of boys in middle school and …