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My top 5 books for summer 2015!

Hey there people of the internet! Now if your anything like me, summer doesn't seem quite right unless your lounging around, preferably in the sun, but hey I live in England and I'll take what I can get, with good (i've read some AWFUL ones) book. Now I get it most people's reactions to this are: "I look forward to summer to get away from school and books" but the minority out there that enjoy reading, I'm firmly on this side of the group, well, this post is for you.
Firstly though, reading is a great way of spending your time in the sun, (also a good use of time on airplanes when you can't use your phone), but it's also a great way of exercising your brain, especially before you go back to school, otherwise your brain freaks out like this: "AHHHHHHHHHHHHH WORDS" (my internal freak out in september). Again if your anything like me book shopping has now become increasingly difficult, to the point I can't get family or friends to go in…

May Favourites- Clothing Addition (with an added apology)

I already know what your thinking…It's been 2 months since my last blog post, all I can say is; I'm so sorry. Unfortunately the last month of my life has been dedicated to my AS exams and the month before was revision, I know that isn't an excuse to neglect the blog but unfortunately I just couldn't maintain both but…I'm baaaaack with weekly updates!
Now I realise 2 months is an awfully long time and trust me when I was attempting to learn about Tsarist Russia my brain was truly longing to come here and write. It made me thing I needed to come back with an awfully bigger blog post. Now between my exams ending (last week) and returning to college (today) I had found myself doing a bit of retail relaxation, which I'm going to share with you, enjoy!
so item #1 :

This is by far one of my favourite items I've brought in such a long time, something no one really knows about me is that my favourite colour (why don't we ask these simple questions about each oth…

You CAN do this!

Hey lovelies! In today's society teenagers are faced with a lot more than they're credited for. These years are potentially the hardest you'll ever go through, whether your 13 or even 19, whose to ever say when you'll feel the hardships that teens all over the world go through. First off qualifications are HARD. Whether that be GCSE's, A-levels, SATs, college degrees or whatever else your putting your time and energy's difficult. Why is it now that we have to decide what we want to be? Why is it a 90 minute exam that determines our future? Why are the teenagers dragged down when in a few years we'll be the ones in charge? Rant aside, we have enormous pressure throughout these years without the added other pressures, the major being self-esteem. These are the years body image have a major part to play in how you act and present yourself. The following statements are taken from www.DoSomething.Org. Did you know that:

38% of boys in middle school and …

Is this really happening?

I've done my fair share of diary entries in my 17 years - with the occasional abandoned blog thrown in -    to know that I don't handle written entries on a daily basis in a good way. Lord knows I have about 10 books on my bookshelf with 2 pages of nonsense about my tea and what i dreamt about the night before to prove it. But each time I promise myself to write everyday, maybe not in huge detail but enough to create a memory to look back on at least, but theres the problem straight away. The average teenagers weekly or even daily lives aren't monumental enough to create something interesting to happen each day, hence why I never wanted to write about it. To the average teen daily life it just that…average. You wake up, get dressed, go to High School/College, come home, do the work you're set, eat, maybe scrawl through social media (who am I kidding? my life is practically lived through my phone, I'm not judging here), sleep, then repeat the next day. Don't wor…