Is this really happening?

I've done my fair share of diary entries in my 17 years - with the occasional abandoned blog thrown in -    to know that I don't handle written entries on a daily basis in a good way. Lord knows I have about 10 books on my bookshelf with 2 pages of nonsense about my tea and what i dreamt about the night before to prove it. But each time I promise myself to write everyday, maybe not in huge detail but enough to create a memory to look back on at least, but theres the problem straight away. The average teenagers weekly or even daily lives aren't monumental enough to create something interesting to happen each day, hence why I never wanted to write about it. To the average teen daily life it just that…average. You wake up, get dressed, go to High School/College, come home, do the work you're set, eat, maybe scrawl through social media (who am I kidding? my life is practically lived through my phone, I'm not judging here), sleep, then repeat the next day. Don't worry I know it's nowhere near as simple as that, A-levels are hard and to have a day as simple as that would be a godsend but we're on the internet so I'm going to exaggerate a little…okay a lot but i digress. It's hardly "Bridget Jones' Diary" worthy now, is it?

Yet something has always drawn me to blogging (can we pretend the first time didn't happen, I was young and thought I was 100 times cooler than I actually was), something compels me to tell the world -well the internet portion of the world- my life, or the interesting things at least. From the clothes I've brought, to the places I've been, what I do for fun, exciting moments (only the diary worthy ones though, of course), the odd review of a place or item, just the typical teenager life I guess. And whilst i know this entry is slow and boring and not exactly the most fun, I promise they'll pick up!
I'm ready to be expressive (see I'm already taking this very seriously!).
If you've taken the time to read this I just want to slip in a quick thank you, reading people drone on about pointless things is boring and tedious I know but I hope you'll stick around, I have high hopes for this blog and refuse to let it be another wasted diary entry.
So to answer my question, yes this really is happening and I'm beyond excited (literally I'm smiling so big at my laptop screen right now) and so determined to keep this going.
Thank you again Lovelies, see you next week.


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