New Year, same me.

Happy New Year my fellow bloggers (is it correct to say this when we're already 11 days in? oh well we're gonna roll with it). Now this is the pivotal part of the year where everyone starts to make that long list of dreaded resolutions (which last around a month for me and that when I try really, really hard) those who keep them going all year, I salute you. You have a lot more willpower than I do.

Now me, being me, I rarely manage to keep up with what I plan. I think the longest I ever lasted was 'til June and that was for prom so a necessity for the average teen. This year I was leading up to the New Year attempting to think of things I wanted to achieve, yet I couldn't come up with anything I could see myself sticking to in a way that was different to previous ones that didn't stick. So instead of resolutions I've decided to make promises to myself. The promises, I see more as general goals for myself and this way there isn't the defeated feeling if something goes amiss, or I wonder away from a target or don't manage to stick to it all periodically. By setting up strict rules we're already setting ourselves up for failure and the feelings felt when you give yourself a treat or have a cheat day or skip one gym session set us back and make people feel down on themselves and conscious and can lead to the resolution just not sticking, at least that's what happens to me. We're humans striving for perfection and with that we must remember perfection is unobtainable and based off of others and wanting and expecting yourself to be like others. But that's not to say we should just give up, we should always strive to be the best possible version of ourselves that we can be.

My promises to myself are simple, I want to spend this year working on being me, and a way better me than the me before and the me before that. It's all about self improvement and working on yourself until you're truly in a happier place, whether that be a small step or huge it's personal and individual. Every year we should look towards improving our mentalities and improving on our opinions of ourselves and moving forward to being happier and healthier mentally and physically. This to me comes for 2017 from moving away from home and being solely independent with my own decisions and space and actions and the person I want to be. 2017 is my last year as a teen, I don't want to have any regrets of this year, I want to enjoy life, be spontaneous, go on adventures, see the world and I especially want to stay open-minded and continue on with working hard through uni and meeting new people and having new experiences. The last four months of 2016 helped me find my independence and the type of person I am and I truly hope to expand on what I've already accomplished and hope to accomplish. I truly hope I stay a dreamer and strive for things out of reach and though to be impossible. No dream is too big and as my favourite musical quotes (Hairspray) "You gotta think big to be big".

I truly hope your 2017 has started amazingly and is filled with positive and happy experiences for everyone. We can all strive to be better than the year before and be the happiest and healthiest versions of ourselves that we can be.
2017 is our oyster kiddos, lets go grab it with everything we have.


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