Attempting to avoid the Freshers Flu

Now many like me, before uni thought this so called dreaded flu is a myth…let me tell you we're wrong. Freshers flu strikes and it's bloody lethal, so the best way to combat it…head on.
Now lets just put it out there, if your uni is like mine, you're still having fresher events even with you're first week of your course, this leaves you DRAINED. Thus weakening you and tiring you out, not to mention the alcohol levels you intake in the very first week, everyone thinks they're invincible after shots, don't even try to lie to me…I know! And with lack of sleep due to everyone always being loud, this leaves you worse for wear. I'm already suffering from the start of a cold that I really don't want to become full-blown.
But like with many things there are ways around said 'freshers flu', and also mandatory things you just should do when starting uni and have to consider your health.
- Register with your local doctors surgery, in the first few months it's almost guaranteed you're going to get ill, don't be left with no option of help when that happens, especially if like me your immune system is shocking.
- Drink water before going to bed, and try to eat something to soak up the alcohol in your stomach, even if you don't feel like eating definitely drink the water. Your head will feel 100x better in the morning and this links to my below point
- Don't ever miss a lecture or a seminar for a hangover, thats the most basic thing ever. If you can't handle going out the night before and having to get up early and run to your lecture then don't go. Work harder party harder people. This is why water is your godsend.
- Try to at least sleep more than 3 hours, it's not cute when everyones making friends and talking in seminars and you're asleep…you don't want that reputation, you just don't.
- Don't be the drunken mess on the floor, it might be good you can't remember it but everyone else around you can and that is also a title that you don't loose easily.
- KEEP ACTIVE, can't even tell you how important this one is
- don't waste the next day, this is my ultimate peeve about drinking, I hate wasting the next day, get up and do something, it's freshers not mope around week, go to fayres and get the free goodies your uni is providing you with, you won't appreciate the tin of beans right then but in a few weeks it'll be your heaven.
and lastly…
- attempt to eat well (hypocritical at the moment but this is the one I'm working on I promise), balanced meals and good stuff is doing wonders for you and will make you feel 100x better!

But most importantly, have fun. In most cases you only get one freshers, at least enjoy it whatever you do, that doesn't even necessarily mean getting drunk everyday, freshers is where you meet new friends and create lasting memories so however you spend it…enjoy every second.
As mine comes to a close tonight…I know I will!


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