Surviving my first week.

So today marks the first week of living on my own. And whilst a week doesn't seem all that long in the grand scheme of things, in an environment where you're somewhere new, with new people, new experiences and independence to sorting yourself out that feels like about a month. Which explains my constant tiredness (though that could be blamed of the beautifully challenging hills and terrain in which my campus and accommodation loves to throw at me).
The first week is no doubt the hardest, I will be the first to say I didn't think I would be someone who suffered from homesickness, yet 2nd day in it hit me. Now theres no easy way to get over it, and it's definitely not something to be ashamed of. Uni is a challenging and new experience for anyone, and if you had the balls to move far away from home then good for you! You're setting new challenges in your life and thats what it's all about. So whilst experiencing this I learnt little kicks and trips to numbing it:

  • tip one: DON'T just mope and stay in your room, go talk to your flat mates, course mates, go for drinks, explore, pick up a hobby (did anyone else notice the subtlety of when this blog emerged again? wink wink), go shopping (loans are there for a reason people (IM KIDDING DONT BLOW IT AWAY YOU HAVE THREE MONTHS TO GO)), bake a cake, cook meals. Basically keep your mind active.
  • tip two: stick up posters and memories of friends and loved ones around your room (effectively I have to use a pin board do customisation is a no no)
  • tip three: join societies! I think i've joined about a million but who cares it's similar minded people and a great way of making friends and making the most of your time.
  • tip four: go to freshers, even if you don't know anyone, this is the best chance to meet people and even if you decide you don't necessarily want to hand round with them after, your meeting people nearby and therefore making new grounds.
  • tip five: speak to your family, facetime is a wonderful thing in this time and you're allowed to make the most of it, in my case this helped the most, shootout to Hol having to watch me cry on night two, thanks kiddo. 
  • tip six: enjoy the experience, uni in most cases is a full of once in a life time experiences and you don't want to miss anything that could potentially make your experience better.
  • lastly tip seven: speak to someone about it, everyone is in the same boat and whilst they might not feel the same, they have the ability to empathise the most being in a similar environment, also speak to your student union, they're only there to help YOU. 
I'm not saying it's easy, but there are ways of coping through it. I'm now in such a happy headspace (till tomorrow when my course starts), it's a dark tunnel but you reach the sunshine on the other side every time! 
Also I seem to be the only person in my flat not invested in proper cooked meals, like I'm tired and if I wanna eat chicken dippers and smiley faces that's what I'm going to do! Momma will be so proud! So far my dietary plans have not gone well so I feel the recipe blog will be in a few months when I'm sick of chicken nuggets (which FYI will be NEVER).
Aim for the next week: make more friends on the course, get outside my comfort level, create a matts meal (more about that soon), do more wetsuit browsing (OH YEAH BIRTHDAY PRESENT HUNTING), go to at least half of my sorority meetings and attempt to keep on top of everything. 
At this point a dominoes delivery is calling my name (coupons make sure you collect them guys worth every penny), so I'll love you and leave you.
Peace out 
- Molly


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