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Exploring Newquay

So sorry for being MIA. March was a month of back to back assignments and finding a time to write where it wasn't going to be graded just didn't come up. This entry is more of a what I've been up to rather than an informative or a new location, product or item (they'll be back soon I promise) so let us crack on (I've also explored Newqay zoo and Towan beach mid Feb. if you'd like to see/hear about that adventure let me know with a comment below!).

The major highlight to living where I now live is living by the beach. Now another thing that triumphs that is...working on the beach.
A couple of weekends ago I had the pleasure of working for a sporting event based on a beautiful beach in Newquay being surrounded by sand, sea and sun (for 1/2 of the days). Working by the beach is my ultimate dream, with many knowing that my dream is for the beach to literally be my office. (Also noted if you go to the beach and don't have a candid picture staring out to sea, did…