Exploring Newquay

So sorry for being MIA. March was a month of back to back assignments and finding a time to write where it wasn't going to be graded just didn't come up. This entry is more of a what I've been up to rather than an informative or a new location, product or item (they'll be back soon I promise) so let us crack on (I've also explored Newqay zoo and Towan beach mid Feb. if you'd like to see/hear about that adventure let me know with a comment below!).

The major highlight to living where I now live is living by the beach. Now another thing that triumphs that is...working on the beach.
A couple of weekends ago I had the pleasure of working for a sporting event based on a beautiful beach in Newquay being surrounded by sand, sea and sun (for 1/2 of the days). Working by the beach is my ultimate dream, with many knowing that my dream is for the beach to literally be my office. (Also noted if you go to the beach and don't have a candid picture staring out to sea, did you even go?). Here are a few pictures of us in our Hi-Vis in which we were ridiculed for, for literally the whole weekend, but the banter of the team was so much fun and I literally can't wait to work with them again.

Now the weekend was super hectic and super interesting to learn about too. Working and gaining experience in what I hope to some day be a part of is always an exciting project but working alongside some of my favourite people for four days straight, creating amazing memories that will always stay with me. That is what uni is about folks, of course, to get a degree but to make memories and friends that last a lifetime.
Experiences like this bring people so much closer and I'm so thankful for my gals, there are few people I could be around from 5 in the morning until 7 at night for three days straight without wanting to pull my hair out.

Although the first day was quite dreary the weather Gods also blessed us with beautiful weather on the Sunday, which I was beyond gutted that I left my wetsuit in my flat as it was the PERFECT weather for a surf. But I have sessions booked for May which I'm beyond excited about. As all I wanted to do all weekend was to get a board and dive right in and spend literally all day out there in the surf. Hopefully, they'll be enough to blog about there because I am super stoked for the waves!

Although this weekend did have a downfall. I ended up twisting my ankle out on a Sunday afternoon, making it incredibly hard to walk and put weight on the ankle leaving me bed bound this made me mega low the following day and ended up booking a direct train home for a week so that's where I'm blogging for you now, back to where it all started. With fresh new nails (if you know me, you know), a much stronger ankle and an urge to get back to Cornwall.

keep an eye out for my next blog, I went on a bit of a spending spree since being home, so keep an eye out on the latest.
I'm gonna leave you with my picture of the week and new favourite thing...
Who doesn't look watching Lion King under the stars on a bag of air? Which by the way are much harder to set up than originally thought.

So that's it from me, sorry for the rush but thought I'd just update on what's been going on and apart from assignments and why I've been so busy.
Speak to you all soon my loves!
Molly X

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