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My top 5 books for summer 2015!

Hey there people of the internet! Now if your anything like me, summer doesn't seem quite right unless your lounging around, preferably in the sun, but hey I live in England and I'll take what I can get, with good (i've read some AWFUL ones) book. Now I get it most people's reactions to this are: "I look forward to summer to get away from school and books" but the minority out there that enjoy reading, I'm firmly on this side of the group, well, this post is for you.
Firstly though, reading is a great way of spending your time in the sun, (also a good use of time on airplanes when you can't use your phone), but it's also a great way of exercising your brain, especially before you go back to school, otherwise your brain freaks out like this: "AHHHHHHHHHHHHH WORDS" (my internal freak out in september). Again if your anything like me book shopping has now become increasingly difficult, to the point I can't get family or friends to go in…