New Adventures

As many are aware, and as many partake in, September is the start of a new academic year. And as every time I up and leave this blog, I come back months later screaming that it will be a new start and therefore new posts… So rightly many (including me) would be assuming nothing has changed, I mean what's different now from the what feels like hundreds of other times sporadic posts have popped up under this very name. Well I'll tell you whats changed…me. As the title suggests, I have very well started a new independent chapter of my life. And as the first line suggests, it's very much taken place at a university.
Ever since I was little I have been a complete beach baby, (that includes family holidays where a certain curly haired tot ran away from their mother and was later found toe dipping in the sea). Which is why it came as no shock to anyone that all my university options had a shore line and famous beaches in a walking distance. But uprooting my life from Birmingham to Cornwall has been hard, I feel no shame in admitting that I am a complete family gal, spending most of my time with my mum and the other allotted time with my friends is a drastic change to spending the first days on your own whilst getting to know house mates and course mates, so being 4 and a half hours away from home (whilst seems nothing in comparison to some of the journeys), feels like a lifetime away. Especially seeing how most of my friends haven't left home for uni yet, leaving me missing and longing for Birmingham, have you ever heard anyone ever say 'longing for Birmingham?' I feel like hitting myself already.
So back to this, I very much want to remember, relive and being able to commemorate my time at uni, so here's were I'm back! There's so much more to being a student, then getting a degree (though it's a top priority), it's all about being independent, living for yourself and having fun in a new place, so this time round as a complete promise to myself i'm documenting everything from this point on, after event one of freshers being the pirate party…i've never seen so many jack sparrows in my life…and i don't think cornwall has either…
But as well as the good, there will also be the bad. Homesickness (cried solidly for about 2 days)
, along with freshers flu (lectures the morning after are always a fun thing), feeling like you don't fit in (side note: IT'S WEEK ONE MOLLY NO ONE FITS IN YET), missing your friends (you have the same friends as you did when you were 8, give new people some time), cooking disasters (I've already set the smoke alarm off whilst toasting a bagel, my bad block C, my bad) and being throughly independent whilst still having no clue how to actually be a proper adult yet. But hey I have time, this new adventure will only be new for so long till it becomes the norm, and there's nothing exciting about the norm.
Now this is were I leave as I hear the freshers festival calling my name (beach towns, you should seriously consider these people!), and whetherspoons cocktails are on discount (see already efficient money handling). But this won't be the last of me… weekly updates from here on out!
- Molly


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