May Favourites- Clothing Addition (with an added apology)

I already know what your thinking…It's been 2 months since my last blog post, all I can say is; I'm so sorry. Unfortunately the last month of my life has been dedicated to my AS exams and the month before was revision, I know that isn't an excuse to neglect the blog but unfortunately I just couldn't maintain both but…I'm baaaaack with weekly updates!
Now I realise 2 months is an awfully long time and trust me when I was attempting to learn about Tsarist Russia my brain was truly longing to come here and write. It made me thing I needed to come back with an awfully bigger blog post. Now between my exams ending (last week) and returning to college (today) I had found myself doing a bit of retail relaxation, which I'm going to share with you, enjoy!
so item #1 :

3D Crochet Floral Shell Top- Topshop £36

This is by far one of my favourite items I've brought in such a long time, something no one really knows about me is that my favourite colour (why don't we ask these simple questions about each other anymore? Tell me your favourite colour in the comments below!) is in fact yellow, more specifically pastel yellows like lemons. Also I love lace and the crochet style, I just feel it's so girly and pretty and is just so simple, so this top is a no brainer for me it ticked all the boxes. You can purchase it yourself here;
Item #2:

                                              Straight line denim skirt- Topshop £25

This is undoubtedly one of the cutest denim skirts I had ever seen but I was hesitant in case it didn't suit my body shape, I don't love figure hugging skirts but surprisingly I loved the way this skirt looks on and it can be paired to be made dressy or casual an added bonus of making more than one outfit, for some reason I couldn't find the skirt online but it's been in every topshop shop i've been in lately.
 Item #3

    Sparkly Sandals- River Island £30 ish 

 I'm one of those girls that barely ever wear anything on my feet other than converse or vans, this summer I decided to break out a bit. They're so cute and sparkly and easily go with outfits, again I couldn't find them on the website but they're still in stores last time I went in. The benefit to these as well so far they haven't yet hurt my feet which normally is a problem for me in sandals.

 Item #4

   White Longline Sleeveless Shirt- River Island £36

This shirt is one of my favourites lately, it's so breezy and light yet simple. I feel it goes with most jeans and can be dressed up or down depending on shoes. The split up the back gives it a whole new dynamic and is one of my favourite elements to the shirt. You can purchase it here:

 Well thats it for clothes from me this month, be sure to check back next week for the Make Up Addition which should be posted next Tuesday. I've also been thinking that these "hauls" would probably be easier to show you and explain through videos so let me know what you guys think about starting a YouTube channel for this blog. I also just created the twitter for here so head over then and let  me know what you think about this weeks blog, as well as always leaving me a comment!
See you next week Lovelies!



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